5 Mens Fashion Tips For Large Men

If you’re big and heavy and you wish to dress nicely without having to spend a lot on your wardrobe, consider these six amazing tips for dressing up with a bit of suave. Although they are basic and easy to handle, if you put all of them together, they can have a considerable effect on the way you look.

1. Minus the Belt and Switch to Suspenders

If you have a big round stomach, then belts would most certainly not work on you because of the shape of your tummy. The circular band of the stomach tapers would only make the belt slip. Just imagine fastening a belt on a basketball. Now, suspenders, on the other hand, eliminate the issue permanently and allow the trousers you are wearing to fall smoothly like a drape rather than clustering it up at the top.

2. Purchase Dress Shirts with Spread Collars

If you have a broad face, then your first priority is to make sure that your shirt’s collar matches your broadness. Brands today assign a 90o division between collar points as a ‘collar spread’. Collar spreads vary from brand to brand so make sure you find one that suits you. The benefit of wearing spread collars is that they add more proportion to your face. Plus, they also give you plenty of room to wear classy tie knots like the Windsor knot. Remember to always tie a big knot when wearing a tie because a big guy wearing tiny knotted tie looks a bit odd, don’t you think?

3. Switch to Wearing Hats

A hat can be worn with just about any outfit. That’s why they are considered a classy add-on and by wearing one with a good outfit, you’re displaying that you actually thought about what you should wear when you got up this morning and got dressed which implies that you are not a lazy person.

4. Try Some Bling On

For a big man, proportion is everything. So, the bigger you are, the larger your accessories should be. For example, instead of clipping a normal plastic ballpoint pen to your pocket, get a heavier fountain pen. If you are into watches, get one which is has a large dial. Big accessories add power to your presence.

5. Don’t Tuck Your Shirt In

A flat plane of shirt material over your belly attracts no attention as compared to a waistband complementing your bulge when you tuck in your shirt. So, in short, untucked shirts won’t accentuate your waistline. Consider getting your shirts tailored to your size and mass. Long-sleeved shirts which are designed with a collar do not need necessarily be tucked in, unless of course you are wearing one over a dress pant or a suit. But if you are wearing chinos or jeans, always keep your shirt out with your sleeves slightly over your wrists.
All in all, the fashion tips for a big man aren’t much different than it is for a normal sized individual. As a matter of fact, it all depends on your personality, your taste in clothing and your acceptance of your body.